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Ever needed to spell out your name or address on the phone? Use our real-time phone spelling conversion tool to avoid any misspellings, misunderstandings or typos.

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Spelling alphabets are commonly used in call centers or in public service sectors

A phonetic language - also known as a 'spelling alphabet' or a phonetic alphabet - is used by professional call centers, law enforcement agencies and armed forces, to identify letters precisely, either when communicating initials, abbreviations or spellings of words. A phonetic spelling alphabet is a useful reference for language and communications study and training. The phonetic alphabet used for confirming spelling and words is quite different and far more complicated to the phonetic alphabet used to confirm pronunciation and word sounds, used by used by linguists, speech therapists, and language teachers, etc.

Commonly when used professionally in relaying abbreviations or letter codes, such as registrations, for example by the police, military, other emergency services or in air traffic control, the letters themselves are not given and only the corresponding words are stated, for example a registration or call-sign of GTW would be stated at simply as 'Golf Tango Whisky'.

In less formal use, for example by customer service telephone staff, communications tend to give the letters and to clarify each with the corresponding alphabet words, for example, 'G, Golf; T, Tango; W, Whisky', or alternatively, 'GTW, Golf Tango Whisky.'